Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011


Another Hc/punk band from Bandung. Kroia was formed in 2008 by original members Ari (lead guitar - vocals), Hera (guitar - vocals), Adit (bass), and Heru (Drums). Kroia music tries to combnine a little speed and a mildness of guitar rhythm like band wich we make reference is kontrovers, from ashes rise, tragedy, hellshock, ekkaia, kylesa, his hero is gone and more...
The sound comes complete with introspective and honest lyrics to touch everyone's mind and soul, cause we are here not only for the music, the most significant is our messages, by focusing on sincerity and a slight bit of sarcasm and reason in life!

"We aren't caught up in emulating a genre or style. We just play Hc/Punk the way we would want to listen it."

- His Hero Is Gone
- Project Hopeless
- Beginning Of The End
- Ekkaia
- Kontrovers
- From Ashes Rise
- Alpinist
- Ictus
- Ire
- Hark Is A Crawling Tar-Tar
- Etacarinae
- Hellowar
- Anti Product
and all lustfull about crust!!!

Jumat, 20 Mei 2011